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hjk international just likes to make things going as easy as possible.


Please send your price request by fax or by email, including all relevant dates required to quote. We'll send a firm quotation, validity at least 60 days.

The "terms of delivery" is certainly subject to your request. The transport by air or oceanfreight will usually be arranged on reliable airlines or vessel carriers. Delivery terms are subject to incoterms and international trade terms.

Repair service:

For almost all of the products we're supplying, we're able to offer a "repair- and reconditioning-service". Once received, we arrange an inspection of the item and send you an inspection certificate as well as the offer of repair- or reconditioning costs. the order is in progress after your release only!


in most cases an possible alternate for some of the used machinery parts is also available. especially for gearmotors and electric standard motors, couplings, a low- budget spare might help you! Let us check this out! All these alternates are proofed, and almost on the same quality standard.